Exploration Projects

The Advanced Astrodynamics Concepts works in a variety of projects for the study and exploration of the Solar System—by both robots and humans. A few select projects with basic information are summarized below.

Human Exploration: Advanced Astrodynamics Concepts is the world’s leading academic research group working on various aspects of human exploration of space. AAC specializes in interplanetary mission design to human exploration destinations such as the Moon and Mars. AAC also specializes in the design and evaluation of large-scale end-to-end human mission architectures leading to permanent colonization. 

AAC works very closely with NASA H.Q., multi-center NASA Human Mars Study Group.

AAC also works closely with Dr. Buzz Aldrin on various aspects of human Mars exploration. AAC members have written dozens of papers on Earth-Mars cycler trajectories. AAC carried out the first end-to-end “Cycling Pathways” architecture leading to colonization at the request of Dr. Buzz Aldrin.

Robotic Exploration:

Software Development