6G Roadmap Task Force


At the intersection between technology and policy, this task force was launched in October 2021 to bring together leaders from the wireless industry, academia, and government to explore the global roadmap to 6G this decade and to make policy recommendations based on engineering domain expertise.



Mung Chiang

EVP and Dean of College of Engineering, Purdue University

Hon. Manisha Singh

Former Secretary of State


Roland Acra

CTO, Cisco

Kaush Arha

former senior advisor, USAID

Nishant Batra

CTO, Nokia

Susan Brooks

former Congresswoman and co-founder of Congressional 5G Caucus

Erik Ekudden

CTO, Ericsson

Dan Goldin

former NASA Administrator

Robert Hormats

former Under Secretary of State

Asha Keddy

VP, Intel

John Roese

CTO, Dell

John Smee

VP, Qualcomm


Kwang Taik Kim

Research assistant professor, Purdue Engineering


Will be added soon.