Purdue University Boiling and Two-Phase Flow Laboratory (PU-BTPFL)

Established by Prof. Issam Mudawar in 1984, the Purdue University Boiling and Two-Phase Flow Laboratory (PU-BTPFL) became the World’s most extensive venue for experimental research on two-phase flow and heat transfer, including adiabatic flow, boiling, and condensation. It contains custom fabricated facilities for investigation of various aspects of these processes, supported by vast assortments of optical instruments, including high-speed video and film-based camera systems, computers and data acquisition hardware, electronic measurement devices, and mechanical tools. Our computers are interfaced to several mainframes available throughout the Purdue Engineering Computer Network (ECN). PU-BTPFL also houses classroom instructional facilities for pool boiling, flow boiling, two-phase flow patterns in a vertical tube, parallel flow gravity-driven instability, and density-wave oscillations. It also possesses extensive electrical power capability (in excess of 100 kW) as well as supply of compressed air and cooling water. Technical support is provided by personnel from the Mechanical Engineering Electronics Shop as well several of Purdue’s machine shops.

PU-BTPFL houses the following facilities (view presentation):

  1. Pool Boiling Pressure Vessel

  2. Pool Boiling Test Chamber

  3. Facility for Measurement of Pool Boiling on Underside of Heated Curved Wall

  4. Micro-channel Condensation Facility

  5. Micro-channel Boiler Pumpless Flow Loop

  6. Facility for Simultaneous Falling Film Velocity & Film Thickness Measurements using LDV & Heated Wire Probes, Respectively

  7. High Capacity Flow boiling Facility

  8. Facility for Flow Boiling Enhancement in Curved Channels

  9. Micro-channel Cooling Loop

  10. Micro-channel Vapor Compression Facility

  11. Micro-channel Facility for Micro-PIV Measurements

  12. Adiabatic Micro-channel Two-phase Flow Patterns Facility

  13. Micro-channel Facility for Nanofluid & Carbon Nanotube Experiments

  14. Micro-channel & Hybrid Micro-channel/Jet Impingement Low Temperature Refrigeration Facility

  15. Ultra High Heat Flux Facility

  16. Rotating Stirrer Facility

  17. Spray Orientation Facility

  18. Spray Cooling Facility

  19. Spray Quenching Testbed

  20. Jet-impingement Facility

  21. Flow Boiling Orientation Facility

  22. Flow Boiling Parabolic Flight Rig

  23. Flow Condensation Parabolic Flight Rig

  24. Spacecraft Hybrid Thermal Control System (TCS) Facility

  25. Flow Condensation Orientation Effects Facility

  26. Micro-channel Condensation Facility

  27. Cross-flow Micro-channel Heat Exchanger Facility for Study of Air-fuel Heat Transfer in High Mach Turbine Engines

  28. Thermal Management Facility for Ultra-Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles

  29. Hydrogen Storage Thermal Management Facility

  30. Surface Analysis Facility