Current PhD Students

Zeman Shao

Justin Yang

Xiaoyu Ji

Zhihao Duan

Gautham Vinod

Yezhi Shen

Weichen Xu

Yuning Huang

Xinyuan Pan

Siddeshwar Raghavan

Md Adnan Faisal Hossain

Talha Ibn Mahmud

Current Master Students

Yichi Zhang


Jiangpeng He

Former Students

PhD Students

Runyu Mao (PhD, May 2023) - Thesis: Learning Based Food Image Analysis –- Detection, Recognition and Segmentation

Jiangpeng He (PhD, August 2022) - Thesis: Continual Learning: Towards Image Classification from Sequential Data

Qingshuang Chen (PhD, August 2021, now at Amazon) - Thesis: Touch Event Detection and Texture Analysis for Video Compression

Sri Kalyan Yarlagadda (PhD, December 2020, now at Overjet) - Thesis: Image Analysis for Shadow Detection, Satellite Image Forensics, Scene Segmentation and Clustering

Di Chen (PhD, July 2020, now at YouTube) - Thesis: Advancing Video Compression with Error Resilience and Content Analysis

Shaobo Fang (PhD, May 2019, now at Apple) - Thesis: Single View Reconstruction for Food Portion Estimation

Yu Wang (PhD, August 2017, now at Nvidia) - Thesis: Learning Based Image Analysis With Application In Dietary Assessment and Evaluation

Master Students:

Kyle Ziga (MS, August 2018, now at Raytheon) - Thesis: Texture Synthesis and Photorealistic Re-rendering of Room Scene Images

Chang Liu (MS, July 2017, now at Apple)

Undergraduate Students:

Jack Ma (Undergraduate researcher, May 2022 – December 2023)

Andrew Peng (Undergraduate researcher, June – August 2022, June – August 2023, now at CMU)