Current Students

Runyu Mao

Zeman Shao

Jiangpeng He

Justin Yang

Xiaoyu Ji

Zhihao Duan

Gautham Vinod

Yezhi Shen

Weichen Xu

Yuning Huang

Formal Students

Qingshuang Chen (PhD, August 2021) - Thesis: Touch Event Detection and Texture Analysis for Video Compression

Sri Kalyan Yarlagadda (PhD, December 2020, now at Overjet) - Thesis: Image Analysis for Shadow Detection, Satellite Image Forensics, Scene Segmentation and Clustering

Di Chen (PhD, July 2020, now at YouTube) - Thesis: Advancing Video Compression with Error Resilience and Content Analysis

Shaobo Fang (PhD, May 2019, now at Apple) - Thesis: Single View Reconstruction for Food Portion Estimation

Kyle Ziga (MS, August 2018, now at Raytheon) - Thesis: Texture Synthesis and Photorealistic Re-rendering of Room Scene Images

Yu Wang (PhD, August 2017, now at Nvidia) - Thesis: Learning Based Image Analysis With Application In Dietary Assessment and Evaluation

Chang Liu (MS, July 2017, now at Apple)