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Room:  HAMP 2107
CE597-085: Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics  

(Spring 2013)

Description: This is a graduate course in Fracture Mechanics for those students who are interested in learning more about the concepts of material deformation and failure in the context of solid mechanics when cracks are present. The class will be introductory in nature as we will start with the fundamental concepts of solid mechanics and linear elastic fracture mechanics before we look at nonlinear behavior. The student is assumed to have taken at least a class on solid mechanics, continuum mechanics, elasticity, etc. .

Syllabus [Download PDF] 
Course Main Topics:
  • Overview:  Elasticity
  • Atomic scale concepts
  • Linear elastic fracture mechanics, stress intensity factor, fracture toughness, energy release rate, work of fracture,  J-integral
  • Small-scale yielding/plastic fracture mechanics, resistance curves
  • Cohesive zone models
  • Size effects
  • Multiscale fracture (nano to micro, micro to macro)
  • Fracture in civil engineering materials (e.g., concrete and metals)
  • Fracture in other materials (e.g., ceramics, polymers, composites, biological and geological materials) 
  • Testing methods
  • Numerical methods

  • Introduction to the course [Link]
  • Atomic bonding [Link]
  • Theoretical Strength [Link]
  • Notes: Some notes on elasticity [Link]
  • Review of Elasticity (Slides) [Link]
  • Lamé Problem, Airy Stress (notes) [Link]
  • Asymptotic crack tip field (notes) [Link] 
  • Toughness (notes) [Link]
  • Energy Approach (notes) [Link]   (updated 03/10/2013)
  • Cohesive Zone models [Link]

  • Questionnaire: Introduction to the course [Link]
  • Homework #1:
  • Homework #2: [Link]
  • Homework #3: [Link]
  • Homework #4: [Link]
    Information about the projects will be posted here.
General Schedule  [Link]
  • Project 1 - information, teams, guidelines [Link]
  • Project 2 - information, teams, guidelines [Link]

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Books: No book is required. I will personally follow ideas from the following books and resources:
  • T.L. Anderson, “Fracture Mechanics: Fundamental and Applications”, 3rd Edition, 2005.
  •  Z.P. Bazant, J. Planas, “Fracture and size effect in concrete and other quasibrittle materials”, 1998.
  • A. F. Bower, Applied Mechanics of Solids, CRC Press, 2009. [Link]
  • J.W. Hutchinson, Notes on Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics. [Link]
  • C.T. Sun, Fracture Mechanics (through the Purdue Library)  [Link]
  • Alan T. Zehnder, Fracture Mechanics (through the Purdue Library)  [Link]
  • H. Tada, P.C. Paris and G.R. Irwin, The Stress Analysis of Cracks Handbook (Excerpts) [Link]

Other References:

Instructor: Prof. Pablo Zavattieri,
Assistant Professor
School of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering
Purdue University
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Office: CIVL G217
Office hours: Thursday 2:30-3:30pm , whenever I am in my office or by appointment


>> 02/17/2013: There is new information about Project 1 (Check out the new Project 1 site in this Link).

>> 02/16/2013: Check out the new references (new books).

>> 02/13/2013: Homework#2 is now posted.

>> 01/01/2013: Welcome to the Spring 2013 version of this course. News, anouncements and changes will be posted on this side bar. 

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