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Systems and Control


Stan Żak

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Solutions Manual

Instructor's Solutions Manual, with complete solutions to all of the end-of-chapter exercises, is available from the publisher to the instructors who adopt the book in their courses. Some of the exercises involve writing MATLAB programs. All of the MATLAB m-files of the end-of-chapter exercises are provided to the instructors who order a copy of the Solutions Manual.

Plots generated using MATLAB m-files available below

To run MATLAB m-files of examples solved in the book, place all the m-files into one directory on your computer. Launch MATLAB and make the MATLAB's Current Directory the one in which you place all the m-files. Type:


This will produce a menu of push-button choices in a figure window. The menu items are book chapters that contain examples solved in the particular chapters. Clicking on a button will display a list of examples with MATLAB or SIMULINK files. Clicking on an example button will launch a corresponding program to be executed.

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