DSNL Software Download -- AccuSim

Since its release in July 2005, the AccuSim simulator developed by the Distributed Systems and Networking Lab at Purdue has been downloaded by several dozen research groups from four countries. We would like to (1) keep track of how the simulator has benefited the research community, and (2) collect feedbacks on how we can enhance the functionality of the simulator. Please email us your feedback at dsnl AT ecn.purdue.edu.

Download instructions:

Step 1: Please read the following terms of use first.
Step 2: Please provide the following information which are used by us to keep track of the download and intended usage of our software. We will exercise our discretion to ignore requests that try to evade the identify or the purpose of downloading the software.


Email (please use your professional email, not your offshore account such as yahoo):


Revelant URL (If for research project use, provide project URL or affiliated research group URL;
If for class project use, provide course URL):

A short description of the project that you will use AccuSim for:

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