People of Crossroads Systems Exploration Lab (XSEL) at Purdue ECE build operating systems and runtime to address top challenges in modern computers. Examples of our recent research include systems software for data-intesive applications and for interactive wearable devices.  

We are hiring! Check here for more information.

Who we are

Head Dreamer: Felix Xiaozhu Lin

PhD: Hongyu Miao | Heejin Park | Liwei Guo | Tiantu Xu

Undergrad: Shuang Zhai | Xiangyu Li

Alumni: Renju Liu (cont. graduate study at UCLA); Ravi Gupta (MS’16; first job: Intel); Raiyan Latif (MS’16; first job: Intel); Lintong Jiang (MS’16; first job: VMWare)

Lab: EE341 | 765-49-68227 | Internal wiki | facebook

What’s up

What we do

memif | Android Wear | No Driver PM | ‘Hot’ Google Glass | K2 | Reflex | Why Browser Slow? | Tempo | RhythmLink | Dandelion | …

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