We are a small research group building systems software to address top challenges in modern computing.  

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Who we are

Head Dreamer: Felix Xiaozhu Lin

PhD: Hongyu Miao | Heejin Park | Liwei Guo | Tiantu Xu |

Undergrad: {we’re hiring}

MS (w/ thesis): Shuang Zhai

Alumni: Xiangyu Li (BS’16; now graduate student at Gatech); Ravi Gupta (MS’16; first job: Intel); Raiyan Latif (MS’16; first job: Intel); Lintong Jiang (MS’16; first job: VMWare) Renju Liu (cont. graduate study at UCLA);

Lab: EE341 | 765-49-68227 | Internal wiki | facebook

What’s up

What we do

At Crossroads Systems Exploration Lab (XSEL), we address systems challenges in a wide range of scenarios, spanning from interactive wearables to scale-up analytics engines. We take diverse approaches, including novel OS structures 1 2, kernel subsystem design, whole-OS profiling, binary translation, and user-level runtime design.

A list of recent projects:

Power Sandbox | StreamBox | Decelerating suspend/resume | memif | Android Wear | No Driver PM | ‘Hot’ Google Glass | K2 | Reflex | Why Browser Slow? | Tempo | RhythmLink | Dandelion | …

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