Dear Post Doc and Visiting Scholar Applicants:


Post Docs

Presently I do not have any support available for new post docs.  However, I do maintain a list of those who are available and interested in working with the Microfluidics Laboratory, so please do apply.  Funding can, quite literally, materialize overnight.  Send me an email with the important facts about why you are an excellent candidate for working with us in the body of the email.  Certainly you should send your complete CV and any supporting documents as attached files but I may never see them due to time constraints or over zealous virus scans.


Visiting Scholar

These visitations vary quite a bit from individual to individual.  Please send me an inquiry with ‘Visiting Scholar’ in the subject line to delineate it from the many other applications received.  Be sure to tell me the time period you are interested in and what support you have and/or need.  The Microfluidics Laboratory often has self-supported visitors and occasionally has resources to support a visitor.


Best regards,


Steve Wereley