Dear Potential MS and PhD Students:


The Microfluidics Laboratory at Purdue University currently receives about 50 applications per year and admits ~2 students.  Students with top credentials and/or experience in some aspect of microfluidics are especially encouraged to apply.  Because of the large number of applications and inquiries received, I may not have time to respond to every applicant individually.  If you have top credentials—grades, GRE scores, TOEFL scores, letters of recommendation and experience—I strongly encourage you to apply to Purdue and list me as one of the faculty you’d like to work with.  Admission decisions are made in the Feb/March time frame for Fall admits and September for Spring admits.  I encourage you to apply for admission to Purdue University far in advance of these dates.  If you meet the criteria for admission to Purdue ME you’ll be given a conditional admit which puts you on a list of students that I can choose from for admission to my research group.


Please send me an email detailing why you would be a positive addition to the Microfluidics Laboratory.  Things like experience in microfluidics, experimental fluid mechanics in general, publications, conference presentations, etc., will be especially important. 


Best Regards,


Steve Wereley