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Research Grants and Contracts
· At Purdue

Source Dates  Amount Description
INEEL/URC  6/1/95 to 9/30/97 $270,825 Development of Multiphase Flow Sensors and Diagnostic Systems - Co-PI with M. Ishii Co-PI (Total $541,650)
PRF 5/1/96 to7/30/96 $5,000 Specialized Artificial Neurons and Networks - Sole PI
PRF 8/1/96 to7/30/96 $12,226 Logic-Based Artificial Neurons and Networks for Reactor Safety and Diagnostic Syst. I - Sole PI
PurdueAcademic ReInvestment 9/96-5/99 $20,500 Purdue-On-Line: A Facility for Developing and Delivering Internet Based Courses - with Nour, Coppoc, Jones, Elmagarmid, Houstis  Co-PI (Total $123,000)
PRF 8/1/97 to7/30/98 $12,226 Logic-Based Artificial Neurons and Networks for Reactor Safety and Diagnostic Syst. II - Sole PI
ArgonneNational Lab. 4/1/97 to12/31/97 $23,963 An Investigation of Fuzzy  Trend Algorithms for Nuclear Plant Transients - Sole PI
Rosemount Instruments  4/1/97 to12/31/97 $20,210 Magnetic Flowmeter Neural Diagnostics and Information Management System Develp. - Sole PI
Beltone 01/1/98 to06/30/00 $104,080 A Neurofuzzy Methodology for Intelligent Hearing Prosthetics - Sole PI
NRC 1/1/98 to9/30/98 $129,729 Task #7:  SNAP Nodalization Knowledge  Based ExpertSystem –PI
NRC 10/1/98 to9/30/99 $145,000 Modification to Task #7: SNAP Nodalization Knowledge based Expert System - PI
RosemountInstruments 1/8/98 to1/2/99 $49,403 Magnetic Flow Meter Neural-Wavelet Diagnostics andInformation Management System - Sole PI
INPO 1998-99 $26,000 National Academy for Nuclear Training1998-99 Fellowship Awards - Sole PI
EPRI/DOD 1999-01 $825,000 Intelligent Management of the Electric Power Grid through and Innovative Anticipatory, Multi-Agent, High-Performance Computing Approach, PI (TOTAL $1,499,800)
NSF 3/15/99 to2/28/01 $13,156 Cost Minimization of Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Plants using Knowledge Based Approaches  - Sole PI
ArgonneNational Lab. 1/1/99 to8/31/99 $25,000 PROTREN Development: AI Approaches For Trend Identification in Nuclear Plant Transients - Sole PI
INPO 1999-2000 $28,000 National Academy for Nuclear Training1998-99 Fellowship Awards – Sole PI
FISHER-ROSEMOUNT 4/1/99-3/31/00 $67,876 Single Sensor Process Diagnostics Using a Neural-Wavelet Approach – Sole PI
PRF 8/15/998/14/00 11,666 Neurofuzzy Methodologies for Anticipatory Intelligent Systems – Sole PI
· At The University of Tennessee

Source Dates  Amount Description
DOE  6/1/89 to 5/30/92 $282,600 Enhancing Nuclear Power Plant Performance through the Use of Artificial Intelligence -  Co-PI with R.E. Uhrig, L. Miller, A. Marren, B.R. Upadhyaya (Total $772,575)
ORNL 7/1/89 to8/1/92 $92,000 Intelligent Monitoring and Surveillance for theMHTGR-NPR, Sole PI

Teaching Experience

      Short-Course at OAK Ridge National Laboratory:

      Fuzzy Logic & Applications: A Short Course in Fuzzy Logic and Engineering: An intense, week-long course on fuzzy logic
      fundamentals, engineering applications, fuzzy control and diagnosis and fuzzy pattern recognition, attended by 35
      researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (Developed and taught with Professor Lotfi Zadeh, UC-Berkeley, January
      14-18, 1991.)

      Academic Courses Taught:

      NUCL 570 Fuzzy Approaches in Engineering: A graduate level course in Fuzzy Logic theory and its engineering
      applications. (Developed and taught every Spring Semester at Purdue University).

      NUCL 200 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering: An undergraduate level course introducing students to Nuclear Engineering.

      NUCL 597 Neural Networks in Engineering: A graduate level course in neural computing theory and its engineering
      applications. (Developed and taught Fall Semesters at Purdue University).

      Nuc E 597 Fuzzy Logic in Engineering: A graduate level course on theory and engineering research on fuzzy logic. Special
      focus on fuzzy process control, pattern recognition, fuzzy hardware and software tools -- the TOGAI TIL Shell is used for
      class projects. (Developed and taught at the University of Tennessee, Fall 1991)

      Nuc E - Eng Sc & Mech 576 Expert Systems in Engineering: A graduate level course on expert systems in engineering.
      Special focus on the mathematical equivalence of numerical and symbolic computations; heuristic and causal methods; LISP,
      PROLOG, OPS5 for class projects. (Developed and taught at the University of Tennessee, Spring 1990, Spring 1991, Spring

      Nuc E 306 Designing for Energy Transport: Radiation heat transport; hydrodynamics and heat transport in boiling and
      condensing systems; heat exchanger and steam generator design. (University of Tennessee, Spring 1991)

      Nuc E 401 Reactor Theory II: Senior-graduate level course covering the second half of the Nuclear Reactor Analysis text by
      Duderstadt & Hamilton. (University of Tennessee, Fall 1990)

      Theory of Computing Languages: Formal aspects of computing languages, automata and computation, context-free
      grammars, complexity, Turing machines. (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Fall 1993)

      Object Oriented Programming: Fundamentals of object oriented programming, objects and message-based forms of
      computation using SMALLTALK. (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Fall 1993)

      Operating Systems: Formal aspects of operating system design, time-sharing, concurrent processes, performance analysis
      tools. (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Spring 1994).

Funded Research

      Principal Invesitgator (with Dr. M. Ishii), Development of Multiphase Flow Sensors and Diagnostic Systems, Massachusetts
      Institue of Technology, MIT-540-1290-1048, 6/1/95 to 9/30/97, $541,650.

      Principal Invesitgator, Logic-Based Artificial Neurons and Networks for Reactor Safety and Diagnostic Problems, Purdue
      Research Foundation, 8/15/96 to 9/30/97, $11,040.

      Principal Investigator, Intelligent Monitoring and Surveillance for the MHTGR-NPR, research funded by Martin Marrieta
      Energy Systems under contract R01-1381-45, 7/1/89-8/1/92, $92,000/year (for 3 years).

      Principal Investigator, (with Dr. R.E. Uhrig), Monitoring of Check Valves using Neural Networks, research funded by the
      Electric Power Research Institute under contract EPRI/RP-8010-12, January-December 1991, $112,695.

      Principal Investigator, (with Dr. R.E. Uhrig), Enhancing Nuclear Power Plant Performance through the use of Artificial
      Intelligence, research funded by the Department of Energy under contract # DE-FG07-88ER12824, $249,000/year.

Previous Work Experience

      September 1993-August 1994: Visiting Faculty, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Informatics, Thessaloniki,

      September 1992 to September 1993: Invited Research Fellow, Japan Atomic Energy Reseach Institute, Tokai-mura, Japan.
      Projects: Research on Possibility Theory; lectured on Anticipatory Systems and Virtual Measurements.

      June 1989 to August 1992: Associate Director, Center for Neural Engineering Applications, University of Tennessee,
      Knoxville and, Visiting Scientist, I&C Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Projects: A number of projects using
      advanced computing methods fuzzy for reactor safety, diagnostics and control (see funded research).

      January 1989 to June 1989: Research Associate, Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Projects:
      Applications of expert systems and artificial intelligence to nuclear engineering; thermohydraulic simulations for the Hope
      Creek and Salem power plants using RELAP5.

      August 1986 to January 1989: Research Assistant to Professor M. Ragheb. Projects: Expert system based probabilistic and
      deterministic decision-making methodologies for plant monitoring, risk assessment and accident analysis; coupled
      procedural-symbolic computations on a CRAY Supercomputer.

      May 1985 to June 1986: Licensing & Safeguards Engineer, Sargent & Lundy Engineers, Chicago. Projects: Safeguards
      calculations for TVA's Sequoyah Plant, assisted Licensing Project Engineer in coordinating the Safety Analysis Report.
      Provided support for the hearings before the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) and the Atomic Safety and
      Licensing Board (ASLB).

      March 1984 to May 1985: Nuclear Engineer, Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, Springfield, Illinois. Projects: Development
      of an automated monitoring and emergency response system for the state of Illinois.

      January 1981 to June 1983: Research/Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois. Projects: Fusion power systems studies, risk
      assessment, assisted in teaching the beginning graduate course in nuclear power.

Conference Organizing

      Organizing Committee Member, Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering ANNIE-94, International Neural Network
      Conference, November 13-16, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1994.

      Organizing Committee Member, Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering ANNIE-93, International Neural Network Society
      Conference, November 14-17, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1993.

      Session Organizer, Fuzzy Logic in the Design of Expert Systems, American Nuclear Society Annual Conference, San Diego,
      California, June 20-24, 1993.

      Conference Officer, Fifth Topical Meeting on Robotics and Remote Systems, American Nuclear Society, Knoxville,
      Tennessee, April 26-29, 1993.

      Organizing Committee Member, Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering ANNIE-92, INNS Conference, November 10-13,
      Saint Louis, Missouri, 1992.

      Co-chair, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Applications Session, 54th American Power Conference, Chicago, April
      13-15, 1992.

      Program Committee Member, 3rd International Conference on Tools for Artificial Intelligence, TAI91, IEEE Computer Society
      Conference, November 10-13, San Jose, California, 1991.

      Conference Organizer, 8th Power Plant Dynamics Control & Testing Symposium, organized session "Expert Systems and
      Applied Artificial Intelligence in Power Plant Control and Monitoring," Knoxville, May 27-29, 1992.

      Session Organizer and Co-Chair, Thermoeconomic Analysis II, International Conference on the Analysis of Thermal and
      Energy Systems, ATHENS-91, Athens, June 1991. Organizing Commitee Member, American Society of Cybernetics
      Conference, Urbana, Illinois, December 5-7, 1988.

Invited Lectures

      Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
      Thessaloniki, April 13, 1994.

      Fuzzy Approaches to Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of
      Athens, March 21, 1994.

      Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science, University of Athens, March 22, 1994.

      Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches to Virtual Measurement & Control in Nuclear Reactor Systems, Nuclear Industry Forum of Japan,
      Tokyo, July 22, 1993

      Neuro-fuzzy Approaches for the Intelligent Management of Complex Systems, 16th Artificial Intelligence Research Group
      Meeting, JAERI, Japan, July 20, 1993

      Recent Developments in Neuro-Fuzzy Applications in Nuclear Systems, Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo, Japan,
      December 15, 1992.

      Anticipatory Systems and Neuro-fuzzy Measurement and Control, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, December 2, 1992.

      Neuro-Fuzzy Expert Engineering Applications, Department of Electrical Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology,
      Helsinki, Finland, August 30, 1992

      A Fuzzy-Neural Approach to Anticipatory Reactor Control, Department of Nuclear Engineering Colloquium, University of
      California, Berkeley, March 30, 1992.

      Fuzzy Logic in Engineering, Democritos National Laboratory, Athens, Greece, December 19-20, 1991.

      Fuzzy Logic Industrial Applications, Barnant Instrument Company, Barrington, Illinois, May 2, 1991.

      Hypertext and Integration, Instrumentation and Controls Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
      August 28, 1990. Engineering Applications of Fuzzy Logic, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of
      Tennessee, Knoxville, July 25, 1990.

      Fuzzy Logic in Engineering, Nuclear Engineering Department Seminar, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, October 12,

      Engineering Anticipatory Systems, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, University of New Mexico, April 20, 1989.

      Expert Systems for Reactor Monitoring, Nuclear Engineering Department Seminar, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, July
      30, 1987.

Thesis/dissertation Direction

      MS Theses

      J. A. Boshers, Development of an Expert System that Aids Reactor Operations Personnel in the Event of a Severe Accident,
      Department of Nuclear Engineering, (R. E. Uhrig, co-chairman) May 1990.

      M. Travis, A Neural Network Methodology for Check Valve Diagnostics, Department of Nuclear Engineering, December

      R. B. Michaels, A Self Configuring High-Order Neural Network, Department of Engineering Science & Mechanics, December

      PhD Dissertations

      J. Reyes, Knowledge-Based Radiological Planning and Optimization using Fuzzy Logic, Department of Nuclear Engineering,
      (R. E. Uhrig, co-chairman) May 1992.

      A. Ikonomopoulos, Virtual Measurements Using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic for Complex System Monitoring,
      Department of Nuclear Engineering, (R. E. Uhrig, co-chairman), August 1992.


      "Schools of Engineering Teaching Award". Best Teacher Award for the School of Nuclear Engineering, 1997-98.

      "General Electric Teaching Award," $5,000 award to an outstanding graduate student with a commitment to an academic
      position after graduation, academic year 1986-1987.

      "Magnetic Fusion Energy Fellowship," Research fellowship spent at the laboratories of Westinghouse Electric Co. in
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 1982 to July 1982.

      "E. J. James Scholar," University of Illinois, 1977-78.

      "N. Stoyanoff Award in Engineering," Rockford, Illinois, 1977.

General Academic Experience

      Nuclear Engineering Faculty Representative to the "Dean's Committee on Computer Aided Instruction," College of
      Engineering, The University of Tennessee, 1990-1991.

      Faculty Representative, College of Engineering Computer Communications Committee, The University of Tennessee,

      American Nuclear Society Faculty Advisor at The University of Tennessee, 1989-1990, 1991-1992.

Professional Affiliations
ANS American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
IFSA International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
International Neural Network Society (INNS)
Operations Research Society of America (ORSA) Operations Research Society of America (ORSA)