Completed Research

1.      A tool for identification of safety problems in counties <more>

2.      Identification of hazardous road locations <more>

3.      Crash reduction factors for road segments <more>

4.      A tool for evaluating access control on high-speed urban arterials <more>

5.      Modeling freeway traffic on approaches to work zones <more>

6.      Real-time prediction of  travel times on signalized arterials <more>

7.      Random queues in signalized networks <more>

8.      Crash reduction factors for road intersections <more>

9.      Automated image-based evaluation of highway safety - feasibility study <more>

10.    Evaluating the effectiveness of the Indiana Lane Merge System <more>

11.    Incidents detection and capacity estimation for signalized streets <more>

12.    Video-techniques for automated data collection at intersection <more>


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