ECE 630 Special Topics:

Engineering Analysis and Design Using Genetic Algorithms

Summer 2007



                    Final Exam Arrangements. The final exam will be posted on 6/21 or 6/22.

It will be due on 6/28. I will adjust weights of scores accordingly.


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Room: EE150


                    New Course – Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Component Design




                    Lecture 0: Motivation/ Syllabus /Contact Information / Policies


        Lecture 1: Biological Genetics and Evolution

        Lecture 2: Canonical Genetic Algorithms

        Lecture 3: Schema Theory

        Lecture 4: Real Coded Genetic Algorithms

        Lecture 5: GOSET

        Lecture 6: Single-Objective GA Examples

        Lecture 7: GOSET GUI

        Lecture 8: A Design Example – An Electromagnet

        Lecture 9: Multi-Objective Optimization

        Lecture 10: Multi-Objective Optimization Exercises

        Lecture 11: PSO Optimization


Genetic Optimization System Engineering Tool (GOSET)


Homework (Submit PDF file by e-mail to – on campus or off)




Final Exam (Submit by e-mail to – on campus or off)