Paul E. Sojka, Professor

Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories

School of Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2014

My research interests include:

  • Sprays formed from rheologically complicated (non-Newtonian) fluids, in particular those for rocket injection
  • Super-critical spray formation for gas turbine and IC engines
  • Secondary breakup of non-Newtonian and charged drops
  • Food-related sprays, especially the formation of satellite drops

My research is being applied to:

Consumer products, paints/coatings, spray drying of foods and detergents, spray formation in pharmaceutical manufacturing, gas turbine engines, rocket motors, internal combustion engines, ...

Students I am currently working with:

Loren Crook (PhD anticipated summer 2009)

Alexis Dechelette (PhD)

Dan Guildenbecher (PhD anticipated summer 2010)
Andrew Lee (PhD anticipated fall 2009)

Jennifer Mallory (PhD)

Ariel Muliadi (PhD anticipated summer 2009)
Celienid Lopez (PhD anticipated fall 2009)

Paul Seebald (PhD)

Recent examples of our work:

1. Secondary atomization of non-Newtonian drops

2. Non-Newtonian drops impacting pharmaceutical tablets

3. Effervescent atomization of viscoelastic liquids

4. Supercritical hydrocarbon fuel jets

5. Pressure scaling of pressure-swirl atomizer cone angles

6. Drop formation in non-Newtonian jets at low Re

7. Droplet dynamics and ionization mechanisms in desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

8. Comparison of particle dynamics analyzer (dual-PDA) and optical patternator data for twin-fluid and pressure-swirl sprays

9. Simultaneous measurements of velocity, diameter and refractive index using a dual-mode PDA

Current projects

A. Supercritical spray formation for advanced gas turbines

B. Atomization of hypergolic gelled-fuel propellants (Tasks 2.2 and 2.3)

C. Reducing emissions of agricultural air pollutants by reducing the formation of satellite drops

D. Secondary breakup of charged drops

Graduate students I have had the pleasure of working with:

Craig Smith, Bill Cummings, Dave Cusano, Laurie Cronin, Ray Laster, Brian Miles, Keith Knoll, Harry Buckner, Rob Pietsch, Kraig Jardine, Mark Lund, Susan Stapleton (Lund), Phil Santangelo, Ken Lippert, Wilda Lee, Uli Schmidt, Steve Bush, Sam Geckler, Steve Frey, Alan Eaton, John Bryjak, Robert Wade, Jeff Sutherland, John Luong, Anton Kucer, Manas Satapathy, Mark Groskreutz, Mahesh Panchagnula, Frederik Petersen, Jeff Epperson, Harsh Oke, Tim Kuta, Chunming Fu, Anshul Singh, Greg Boardman, Sandeep Sovani, Wangtao (Tony) Wang, Alberto Abosaid, Jason Liu, Vineet Dravid, Shyamal Pidaparthy, Mark Durham, Greg Zeaton, Andrew Lee, Celienid Lopez, Vineet Dravid, Robert Rachedi, Alexis Dechelette, Stephane Poussou, Pingbu Loke

Courses I enjoy teaching:

This semester I am teaching ME 300

Undergraduate students I have been fortunate enough to work with:

Craig Ashmore, Jeff Bennett, Mike An, Mike Bono, Scott Tiede, Mark Schoenegge, Chris Wilkes, Jennifer Weerts, Brandon Costa, Ricardo Cabra, Richard Smith, Luis Flamand, Eddie Chou, Carlos Alvarez, Mike Ullom, Rob Witman, Dan Bihl, Travis Gray, Ben Hughes, Chihang Lin, Calvin Sim, Bryan Wood, Jeremy Cortese, Mike Lindinger, Jon Smith, Nicolas Rhenwrick, Gregory Mills, Betzabe Rodriguez, Celiened Lopez, Amaury Malave, Omar Morales, Craig Ashmore, Mark Ladisch, Ariel Muliadi, Renny Kariono, Alejandro Galindo, Megan Mauck, Ellen Sojka, Angelo Cannizzarro, Danny Budzinski, Laura Woods, Glen Powell, Yeong Yong, Ariel Muliadi, Dan Guildenbecher, Scott Flueckiger, Pingbu Loke, Ray Reese, Hillary Broadhus, May-Lin Chang, Brandon Munden, Arka Roy Chaudury, Andrew Gillman, Hanyu Zhang

My hobbies include:

Bike riding


Last modified: 16 February 2009