ECE 495S/ECE573: Compilers and Translation Engineering

Fall 2007

Posted on or before Aug. 31.

The rest of the NDFA to DFA example I started in class is available here.

The second set of lecture notes have been put on the web. Follow the handouts linke below.

If you have sent me a SIF and neither you nor your partner have received an email with account information, please let me know.

Labs/office hours are scheduled for Wed and Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm. Attendance is not mandatory. There will be an overview during the first minutes of each lab early on in the period for working on a project step. Attending this will make the step clearer, and may save you a significant amount of work. Both 495S and 573 students can make use of the labs.

Your course accounts work on ECN machines. They will not work on ITaP machines. One strategy for effectively using your course account on both ITaP and ECN machines is to use your course account as a remote CVS server. I am working on a description of how to do this now.

Posted on or before Aug. 23.

At 9:29 on Thursday, Aug. 23 I sent email to everyone whose SIF I had received at that time. If you sent me a SIF, and did not receive this email, please send me an email letting me know.

The first set of slides has been posted online. Go to the handouts page below. I will bring hardcopies of these to class so you do NOT need to print them.

The course newsgroup (purdue.class.ece468) is online. Firefox can read news groups with a plug-in, and Mozilla has a newsgroup reader. trn allows newsgroup reading from a Linux command line.

Assorted information

* The text for the course is Crafting a compiler in C, by Leblanc and Fischer. There will also be assorted handouts and papers that will supplement the text. I do not require you to buy the text, but the course will follow it closely.

* Student information form (txt) This must be turned in before I assign you to a project group.
* Course Syllabus (pdf)
* Handouts (including copies of the slides presented in class)
* Papers and other supplementary materials
* Homework assignments and solutions
* Exam Information
* Tiny
* Project Notes. Also look at for more information..

* Three address codes for the project

Compiler tools are available at The Catalog of Compiler Construction Tools a web site maintained by the German National Research Center for Information Technology and the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology.

Compiler Generator Tools

...that have been successfully used at Purdue...