ECE 30862 Object Oriented Programming C++ and Java

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Tools and IDEs

Strictly speaking, use of the IDEs is not required and is not a course outcome. Having said that, mastering one or more IDEs will make you a more productive pro grammer, should make the second half of the course easier, and may be a big plus when interviewing


Microsoft Visual Studio

If you are already familiar with something like Visual Studio for C++ from Microsoft you may use this in this course.

Visual Studio is available in MSEE 119 and can be used for Individual Project 2 (the GUI project).


Something similar to instanceof in Java

This example is from Microsoft.

// expre_typeid_Operator.cpp
// compile with: /GR /EHsc

class Base {
    virtual void vvfunc() {}

class Derived : public Base {};

using namespace std;
    int main()
        Derived* pd = new Derived;
        Base* pb = pd;
        cout << typeid( pb ).name() << endl; //prints "class Base *"
        cout << typeid( *pb ).name() << endl; //prints "class Derived"
        cout << typeid( pd ).name() << endl; //prints "class Derived *"
        cout << typeid( *pd ).name() << endl; //prints "class Derived"
        delete pd;

Optional readings and other sources you might find interesting or useful