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Saurabh Bagchi
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue University
Office: EE 329
Office: 765-494-3362; Cell: 765-427-5708; Home: 765-497-1345
Email: sbagchi@purdue.edu
Administrative Assistant: Mary-Ann Saterfield; msaterfi@purdue.edu; 765-494-6389

Schedule for Fall 2017
Note: A [Alternate] B means each meeting is bi-weekly, starting with A the week of 2/8

M 10.30-11.30: Teaching (EE 226)

T 9.00-10.00: Meet with Sasa, Ran
T 10.00-11.00: Meet with Abe, Naif, and Mathias
T 3.00-4.00: Meet with Charitha, Jinkyu, Milind
T 4.30-5.30: LLNL meeting

W 10.30-11.30: Teaching (EE 226)
W 11.30-12.30: Meet on Pythia project (bi-weekly starting 9/13)
W 2.30-3.30: Mobile crowdsensing meeting
W 3.30-4.30: Systems security seminar (LWSN 3133)

R 9.30-10.30: NSF SaTC meeting with Mustafa, Abe, Shreyas
R 10.30-12.00: NIH project meeting (EE 317)
R 2.00-3.00: Distributed comp genomics (EE 339)
R 5.30-7.00: DCSL group meeting (EE 118)

F 10.30-11.30: Teaching (EE 226)
F 1.30-2.30: Meet with Jinkyu

Travel schedule
Dec 12-15: Middleware (Las Vegas, NV)