Professor of Industrial Engineering
Purdue University
Grissom Hall, Room 263
315 N Grant St

West Lafayette, Indiana

Chair Professor and Head
Department of Industrial Engineering
Tsinghua University
P.R. China

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Research Overview:

Dr. Gavriel Salvendy's current research activities focus on human-computer interaction and human aspects of advanced manufacturing systems. These studies have been supported by the IBM Corporation, NEC Corporation, National Science Foundation, and Hewlett Packard Corporation, and resulted in new insight into the understanding of human-computer communications; the new knowledge may be utilized to manipulate job design variables towards the end of increasing job satisfaction, worker health, industrial productivity, ease of use, and the more effective utilization of new technologies. 

Earlier, Dr. Salvendy's research activities focused on the following two directions: 

  1. Machine-paced work with special reference to occupational stress and job satisfaction. These studies have been supported by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health. 
  2. Skilled learning which was supported by the National Institutes of Health, New York State Department of Education and the American Funds for Dental Health. His work on the training of dental students in operative technical skills and the training of medical students in surgical operations provided new knowledge on the acquisition and retention of psychomotor skills. 

Dr. Salvendy's initial research was focused around the selection of industrial workers. This research was funded by the British Department of Industrial Research and resulted in the development of the now well established "One Hole Test" which is being utilized in over 20 countries. This test predicts the rate of skills acquisition which is crucial in a world of rapid technological and labor market changes. 


Current Research Topics:

  • Development and Validation of a User-Centered Search Tool for the Web
  • Perceptual and Cognitive Aspects of Incorporating information visualization in graphical user interface (Baili Liu, Gavriel Salvendy)
  • Measuring and Improving Interface Consistency on the World-Wide-Web (Ant Ozok, Gavriel Salvendy)
  • Comparitive Web shopping (Jiong Wei, Gavriel Salvendy)
  • The Purdue Cognitive Task Analysis System (June Wei, Gavriel Salvendy)
  • Human Aspects on search engine of Internet2 ( Ma, Lingfeng, Gavriel Salvendy).


Research In the Past Two Years:

  • Development And Validation Of Human Centered Broswer For The Web (Bo Chen, Gavriel Salvendy) 
  • Interface Design For The Chinese Population (Jianming Dong, Gavriel Salvendy) 
  • Review An Reappraisal Of Usability Testing (Limin Paul Fu, Gavriel Salvendy) 
  • A Model For Reduction Of Human Error In The Use Of Database Systems Xianzhn Lin, Gavriel Salvendy) 
  • Visualization Of Scientific Constructs (Baili Liu, Gavriel Salvendy) 
  • Development Of Human Centered Framework For Email Address Design (Peilun Rau, Gavriel Salvendy) 
  • A Methodology For Consistency Measurement And Design (Asim Ant Ozok
  • Mental Workload Prediction In Single and Multi-Task Environment (Bin Xie, Gavriel Salvendy) 

Development And Validation Of A Model For University-Industry Partnership. (Dave and Salvendy)