Useful Links

* MUST to Watch: Professor KC Sinha talks about: "What Have I Learned Over Half a Century of Studying Transportation Engineering?" Link

* A classic article by Professor KC Sinha and his team published in 1987 that contains the pioneering idea of what we call “ride-sharing and car-sharing: Uber, Zipcar etc.” today. Link

* Book on “Transportation Decision-Making: Principles of Project Evaluation and Programming” by KC Sinha and S Labi. Link

* Book on “Statistical and Econometric Methods for Transportation Data Analysis” by Simon P. Washington, Matthew G. Karlaftis, Fred Mannering. Link

* Professor KC Sinha receives lifetime achievement awardLink

* Guest Lecture by Professor KC Sinha on: “Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management in the New Millennium: Challenges and Opportunities”Link

* Professor KC Sinha's Kent Distinguished Lecture @ UIUC – Charging Mechanisms for Road Use: An Interface between Engineering and Public Policy Link LinkII

* A Recent Report on Infrastructure Investment in UK: "State of the Nation 2018: Infrastructure Investment"

* What is the value of asset management?