ECE 30200 Fall 2021 Section 3 (CRN 17104)

Purdue University, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Probabilistic Methods in ECE


Last revised: 12/10/21 – see semester overview at bottom of Lecture Notes page

(12/5 updated lecture notes, practice exam questions solutions)



Professor: Dr. Amy Reibman

Office: MSEE 356

Email: reibman at purdue dot edu


Lectures: WALC 2087,  MWF 11:30am – 12:20pm

Lectures are anticipated to all be in person with everyone wearing a mask.

Lectures may be recorded by BoilerCast, but this should not be a Plan A.


Office hours:

Monday 3-4pm in-person: MSEE 356 (and hybrid)

Thursday 10-11am remote: Prof. Reibman’s zoom link


Extra office hours this week:

Friday 3-4 (in the office)

Saturday 2-4 in MSEE 239



TA: Haoyu Chen

Office: EE208

Email: chen1562 at purdue dot edu

TA Office hours:

Tuesday 3-5pm in-person EE208 (and hybrid)

Wednesday 3-5pm remote Haoyu’s zoom link (This Wednesday 12/8 will also be in EE208 hybrid)

Thursday 3-5pm in-person EE208 (and hybrid)

Extra office hours this week:

Sunday 2-4 in EE 208 (his usual office)



Daily Notes (announcements up to L42 12/10; in-class notes up to L42 12/10)


Lecture Notes (semester overview added, and all Topic 4 notes have been updated)


Demos (Demos up to those shown in class on 11/17)


Homeworks (up to HW 11 (due December 2) AND solutions up to HW11)


Quizzes (up to Quiz 7 12/1/21)


Exams (Practice finals and solutions; all practice problem solutions; this semester’s midterms; learning objectives; study guides; seating charts)



Course Syllabus (last revised 8/23/2021) <<< this section does not use the same assessments or grading as the other section

Useful formulas

Table for Gaussian CDF



Evening Exams:

Tuesday 9/28/2021 6:30pm-7:30pm in RHPH 172. No class Friday October 8.

Thursday 11/4/2021 8pm-9pm in RHPH 172. No class Monday November 22.

Final exam: Monday 12/13/2021, 10:30am-12:30pm in RHPH 172