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Welcome to Purdue University's PRISM Center (established 1991)

Latest News: Systems Collaboration and Integration: See Past and Future Research through the PRISM Center (Editors: Chin-Yin Huang, Sang Won Yoon) Springer ACES Series, has just been published (November, 2023.)

This book is also known as The PRISM 30 book, as it based on the 30th anniversary of the PRISM Center, celebrated during ICPR-26 in Taichung, Taiwan, 2021. About two thirds of the chapters are authored by invited PRISM Center and PGRN affiliates; the other chapters are invited from presenters at the conference celebration.

Many PRISM Center and PGRN colleagues worldwide are among the contributors to this important publication as members of the Distinguished Advisory Board, chapters’ co-authors, and reviewers.

Mission of the Purdue PRISM Center

The mission of the Purdue PRISM Center is the investigation, development, and experimentation of computer intelligence and information technologies, including cyber technologies, data science, AI, and Machine Learning, for better quality and effectiveness of distributed and collaborative production and service systems. Researchers and professors from schools of engineering, science, agriculture, management, and technology collaborate on joint educational, industrial, and research projects. International and visiting scholars join activities on certain projects. The PRISM Laboratory includes multiple interactive CAD and DSS workstations and access to robots and high-performance computers.

Research Areas

  • Industrial robotics, flexible assembly, cyber-physical systems, facility sensor networks
  • e-Work, e-Service, and collaborative control theory
  • Collaborative intelligence, design and control algorithms & protocols for multi-agent systems
  • Complex systems, networked enterprises, supply networks
  • International projects related to the above areas with visiting scholars from Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Taiwan, Romania, Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, and the UK

Research Projects (Current)

Research themes (Recent)

Till 2021, over 60 small and large companies and over 130 students have participated in the over 76 PRISM projects. Currently, there are twelve active projects in the PRISM Center.

In August 2001 the PRISM Symposium & Reunion on "Integration, Networking, and the Next Decade" took place in West Lafayette, Indiana, co-sponsored by NSF, Indiana 21st Century Research & Technology Fund, and Intelligenceware (Korea), with proceedings published on a CD (ISBN 0-931682-924.) Another outcome of the 2001 Symposium was the establishment of PGRN, PRISM Global Research Network, which has the objective of worldwide collaboration among related and affiliated research centers and institutes. PGRN itself is affiliated with the IFPR Network.

Members of PRISM Center and PGRN led the development of the Springer Handbook of Automation (published 2009), and its revision and update for the Second Edition, published 2023.

In July 2011, we celebrated the 20th Reunion of our PRISM Center and 10th Anniversary of the PGRN at ICPR-20 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since 2008, the PRISM Center also participates actively in the HUB-CI Collaboratorium and Collaborative Intelligence School of IE Initiative.

In July 2021 we celebrated our 30th anniversary at the ICPR26-Taichung, Taiwan: Two invited sessions were deicated to PRISM30; New Distinguished PRISM Scholar Awards ceremony; and the PRISM30 book, edited by C.Y. Huang and S.W. Yoon.

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