Undergraduate and High School Student Projects


SURF is a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship that involves a hands-on research experience. It allows students to work under the guidance of professors and graduate students in a specified area of research. During the 11 week program, students attended weekly seminars including topics such as Global Diversity, Study Abroad Programs, Research Ethics, Graduate School, and also had the opportunity to attend a free GRE Workshop. In addition, students met with fellow SURF students in order to better understand other research fields. Students were asked to complete assignments including a biography, problem statement, abstract, and a final research paper accompanied with a poster that was presented during the annual SURF Research Conference.

SURF Website

Summer 2006 Students

Anubhav Sharma (Graduate student mentor: Gazi N. Ali; Advisor: Prof. Jan P. Allebach)

Katie Bouman (Graduate student mentor: Aravind K. Mikkilineni; Advisor: Prof. Edward J. Delp)

Summer 2007 Students

Katie Bouman (Graduate student mentor: Aravind K. Mikkilineni; Advisor: Prof. Edward J. Delp)

VIP Forensics

The main goal of the VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects) course is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to explore and develop comprehensive applications of electrical and computer engineering technologies, especially as they relate to active research areas of Purdue faculty members. The VIP Sensor Forensics team is one of the groups of the course. During their time in the program, the students explore different alternatives to identify counterfeiting and forgery on printed, scanned and photocopied documents. In this way, the program offers the opportunity to learn about image processing tools, printing and scanning technologies, and information embedding and watermarking methods.

VIP Forensics Website

Fall 2007 Students

Copy Detection Team: Nicholas Browdues, Ndu Osonwanne, Aditya Pradhan, Jonathan Chen

Spring 2008 Students

Copy Detection Team: Aditya Pradhan, Saundarya Ravi, Mike Walker, Neel Sen

Inkjet vs EP printers Team : Anubhav Sharma, Xiaochen Jing, Vikas Chaudhary, Rachit Biyani