Dr. Monica Prezzi holds an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Porto Alegre, awarded in 1986. She followed that with a period of work in the industry, during which she worked on several large construction projects, including power plants, metropolitan train stations and chemical plants. She then went back to graduate school. She obtained a Master of Engineering degree in geotechnical engineering from UFRGS in 1990, and both a Master of Science degree in geotechnical engineering and a Ph.D. in civil engineering materials/geotechnical engineering from Berkeley in 1995. At Berkeley, she was the recipient of the Carlson-Polivka Ph.D. fellowship. After graduation, she stayed at Berkeley working as a Postdoctoral Fellow. This was followed by several years of work as a consultant on foundation engineering and foundation and structural repair. In 2000, she joined Purdue University as a lecturer and, in 2003, as an Assistant Professor. At Purdue, she teaches undergraduate and/or graduate courses in mechanics, foundation engineering and ground engineering. She is currently doing research on analysis and design of piles and micropiles, on the effect of soil disturbance on the performance of prefabricated vertical drains, and on utilization of recyclable materials in civil engineering structures.

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