ECE 468/573 Project Home Page



This project consists of implementing a simple compiler for the so called LITTLE programming language. The LITTLE language is a toy programming language designed solely for this course and it's based (however different!) on the MICRO language described in the course text book. Pay careful attention: ECE 573 students have a slightly different grammar than ECE 468 students

Project TA

Eric Villasenor will be grading the projects and answering questions. If you have questions, he is available to help via email: 'evillase' at 'purdue' dot 'edu'. He is also available in EE 306 from 1:30–2:30 and 7–8 on Tuesdays.

Project Steps

Grading policy: All the points from the first 7 steps add up to 700 points (plus 10 bonus points from step0) and are worth total 30% of the project's total grade. The final step is worth 70% of the project's grade. Any submission will be tested against a set of published and hidden datasets. All hidden datasets will be published after the submission deadlines.

Submission Instructions

Submit each step using the turnin command. Instructions for using turnin are available here.