Using Uppercase Chapter Names
Mark Senn <>
April 9, 2004

How can I use uppercase chapter names in the table of contents using the puthesis documentclass?

I suggest you don't do it. If your school or department insists on it you can do it by putting

\makeatletter \def\@chapter[#1]#2{% \ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne \refstepcounter{chapter}% \typeout{\@chapapp\space\thechapter.}% \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\protect\numberline{\thechapter}\uppercase{#1}} \fi \chaptermark{#1}% \@makechapterhead{#2} \@afterheading \ifthen{\not \boolean{@@inchapters}} { \pagenumbering{arabic}% \@@inchapterstrue } } \makeatother

immediately before your first \chapter.

Revised: April 9, 2004
Created: April 9, 2004

Mark Senn <>