Putting Missing “Page” at Top of Table of Contents page
December 3, 2012
Mark Senn

How can I get a missing “Page” at top of table of contents page?

Thanks to Long Fei for the question.

This is a workaround. I'll figure out how to have this done automatically later.

Sometimes the last page of the table of contents doesn't have ``Page'' at the top of the last page. To fix that put the following line in your .toc (table of contents) file in the appropriate place.

{\leftskip=0pt \noindent\hbox to\textwidth{\hfil Page}\par}

The .toc file gets rewritten every time you run LaTeX so you may want to copy a good .toc file including the above line to toc.save and copy it back every time you need it.

Remember, the toc.save file will only be good as long as the tablo of contents doesn't change.

Revised: December 3, 2012
Created: September 21, 2006