How to spell check your LaTeX document
September 4, 2013
Mark Senn

These instructions were tested on the Linux computers at Purdue University's Engineering Computer Network on September 3, 2013.

To spell check your LaTeX file type

            echo $LANG
If “en_US.utf8” is not printed these instructions may or may not work.

To check the spelling of, for example, “t.tex” type

            hunspell -l -t t.tex
or, to check all *.tex files in the current directory you are in type
            hunspell -l -t *.tex
Using “-lt” instead of “-l -t” won't work.

If you need your own personal dictionary for words that aren't in the system dictionary put those words one per line in the file “.hunspell_en_US” in your home directory.

Contrary to the output printed by “man hunspell” the “-t” option does not process files that are included using LaTeX's “\include” command.

Hunspell has an interactive mode that you can use by typing, for example,

            hunspell -t t.tex
Type “man hunspell” to get more information if you're interested in using that. (Make a copy of the your test file before testing it in case something goes wrong.)

Revised: September 4, 2013
Created: September 4, 2013