Running LaTeX on the Web
July 7, 2013
Mark Senn

Can I run LaTeX on the web?

The following are interactive online LaTeX editors:

Most of them allow one to type LaTeX input in a window and produce the corresponding .pdf output file. Some of them have a built-in PDF previewer which makes it very convenient to develop LaTeX documents.

These web sites are free for small projects. Check their web pages for at what point you must pay. Always keep a separate copy of any important documents on another computer in case of catastrophe.

Based on limited testing I like writeLaTeX the best. Writelatex Limited's mailing address is in the UK but writeLaTeX is apparently hosted on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. See my writeLaTeX document for an example writeLaTeX document. This document is on a free writeLaTeX account so the document is writeable by others. One can get non-writeable documents by upgrading to a non-free account.

Some writeLaTeX videos:

I had these problems when trying to use writeLaTeX:

FlyLatex is a free and open-source version of ShareLaTeX. The Node.js, npm, and MongoDB software must be installed before trying to install FlyLatex. I had trouble installing the prerequisite software on my home Fedora 17 Linux system. I'll try again after upgrading to Fedora 19 Linux. The Engineering Computer Network doesn't have the software installed needed by FlyLatex. I'm checking if a computer that doesn't currently serve web pages can have the software installed. On July 3, 2013, I asked the HUBzero community about how to run Node.js programs but haven't heard back yet.

(LaTeX Lab is an open source implementation of a web based LaTeX editor for Google Docs. A LaTeX Lab preview is available.)

(The eqneditor and iTex2Img web pages convert interactively input LaTeX equations into images.)

Revised: July 7, 2013
Created: June 21, 2013