Indenting Paragraphs After Headings
Mark Senn
June 7, 2007

How can I indent paragraphs after headings?

Paragraph indentation or extra vertical space between paragraphs is used to let the reader know where one paragraph ends and the next one begins. Since there is no paragraph to end after a heading, there is no need to indent there. Modern typographic standards do not include indentation there. The puthesis documentclass does not support a way to do indendation there automatically. (On November 17, 2005, I suggested to the Graduate School that they remove that indentation from their "A Manual for the Preparation of Graduate Theses.")

If you want to indent the first paragraph after headings manually put

% Use \ip to force an indented paragraph.
between your \documentclass and \begin{document} commands.

Use, for example,


This is the first sentence.
to force a paragraph indentation.

Revised: June 7, 2007
Created: November 17, 2005