Telling pdflatex To Use Letter Size Paper
July 3, 2007
Mark Senn

Pdflatex is using the wrong margins. How can I fix it?

This problem is sometimes caused by the PDF page height and width not being specified correctly. Put the following right after your \begin{document} command:

% You may need to change the horizontal offset to do what you
% want.  Setting \hoffset to a negative value moves all printed
% material to the left on all pages; setting it to a positive value
% moves all printed material to the right on all pages; not setting
% it keeps all printed material in it's default position.  \voffset
% is the vertical offset: use negative value for up; don't set if
% you want to use default position; use positive for down.
% \hoffset = -0.2truein
% \voffset = -0.2truein

Revised: July 3, 2007
Created: January 26, 2004