Telling Foxit Reader To Use Letter Size Paper
July 27, 2006
Mark Senn

Sometimes Foxit Reader prints things wrong because its options aren't set right.

The rest of this document contains menu navagation instructions tested on July 27, 2006 using Foxit Reader, Version 1.3, Build 1621, on Microsoft Windows XP at the Engineering Computing Network (ECN). The settings have not been tested to make sure they work as intended. Test them by printing a single page first. Let me know of any problems.

To get to Foxit Reader o ECN Windows computers do Start ==> Programs ==> ECN Software ==> Foxit Reader 1.3.1628 ==> Foxit Reader.

In the File ==> Print Setup dialog box set Paper Size to Letter and Orientation to Portrait.

In the File ==> Print dialog box set Page Scaling to Actual Size.

Revised: July 27, 2006
Created: July 27, 2006