Including Journal Articles
March 17, 2007
Mark Senn

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To include previously published journal articles in your thesis use one of the two methods below.

If you have a .pdf file

Convert the .pdf file to .eps file(s)

Run gs to convert your article from a .pdf (Portable Document Format) file to one or more .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) files, a separate .eps file for each page of your document. Check your local documentation or with your local computer administrator if you need help using the gs program. For example, type

    gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=epswrite -sOutputFile='zart%d.eps' article.pdf
to convert article.pdf to zart1.eps, zart2.eps, ... . This will write over the ``zart'' files, be careful you don't destroy a wanted file accidentally. (I like to start junk file names that can be recreated easily with ``z'' so they are easy to find and delete.)

Include the .eps file(s) in your thesis

Use a ``\articleinclude{...}'' command to include the article. For example, put a

command in your LaTeX input file to include the zart1.eps, zart2.eps, ... files.

If you only have a paper copy of the article

Put a ``\articlepages{n}'' command in your LaTeX input file, where n is the length of the article in pages to reserve that number of pages for the article. For example, if the article is five pages, use a

command. Then copy each page of the article onto one of those blank pages (except for the page number).

Revised: March 17, 2007
Created: March 17, 2007