Hyphenation Wrong
Mark Senn <mark@purdue.edu>
March 25, 2005

Hyphenation is wrong. How can I fix it?

LaTeX uses rules to decide where to hyphenate words. These rules are of the type, don't put a hyphen between an "i" and an "e", etc. These rules do not find all possible hyphenation points. To tell LaTeX where hyphenation points are allowed in words use a \hyphenation command. You'll usually want to do this in the preamble (between the \documentclass and \begin{document}) so it affects your entire document. For example

\hyphenation{poly-ure-thane poly-ure-thanes}
tells LaTeX how to hyphenate those words.

See polyurethane.tex for a detailed example.

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Revised: March 25, 2005
Created: March 25, 2005

Mark Senn <mark@purdue.edu>