Hyphenating email and URL addresses
February 2, 2009
Mark Senn

How can I automatically hyphenate email and URL addresses?

Put, for example

right before your \begin{document} if you want a hyphen inserted before the @ if needed. Multiple hyphens in a word can be specified in this fashion. I do not recommend this though, if your email address is hyphenated, some people may think that the hyphen is part of your email address.

From The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition, item 7.44:

URLs and e-mail addresses: Where it is necessary to break a URL or an email address, no hyphens should be used. The break should be made between elements, after a colon, a slash, a double slash, or the symbol @ but before a period or any other punctcuation or symbole. To avoid confusion, a URL that contains a hyphen should never be broken at the hyphen. If a particularly loog element must be broken to avoid a seriously loose line, it should be broken according to the guidelies above.






Revised: February 2, 2009
Created: January 30, 2009