Customizing equation numbers produced by \ref
September 15, 2006
Mark Senn

How can I customize equation numbers produced by \ref?

Thanks to Rahul Bharadwaj for the question.

All of the following commands go in the preamble---that means between the \documentclass and \begin{document} commands.

If you want to use parentheses around all equation numbers use


If you want to use "equation (#)" everywhere, where "#" is the equation number use


If you want to use some styles in some places and some in others don't use add any extra commands to the preamble and use
    InputExample Output
equation (\ref{label})  equation (1)

Multiple commands can be defined to do different types of equation number customization in the same document but that is beyond the scope of this document.

Revised: September 15, 2006
Created: September 15, 2006