Using an English word as a subscript
February 11, 2013
Mark Senn

How do I use an English word as a subscript?

To use an English word as a subscript put it in roman font. Do not use math italic.

For example, instead of

    \p_{\rm actual}

If the word occurs a lot I'll define a command,for example,

    \newcommand{\actual}{{\rm actual}}
so I only need to type
Remember to put a space after "actual" if it is immediately followed by a letter so LaTeX knows where the end of the command name is.

Here is a complete test file showing how the size of "out" varies depending what size it should be.

    \newcommand{\out}{{\rm out}}
        a^\out + b^{c^\out} + d_\out + e_{f_\out} = g\out
The subsubscript and supersuperscript are for illustrative purposes only. Avoid using them unless it is standard practice in yoour disclipline.

Revised: February 11, 2013
Created: June 16, 2006