Format My Own Bibliography/references Entries and Not Use BibTeX
April 23, 2013
Mark Senn

How can I format my own bibliography/references entries and not use BibTeX?

I do not suggest this. Use BibTeX if you can. As of April 23, 2013, I don't know of an appropriate BibTeX style file for Agronomy Journal so you may want to use this method for Agronomy theses.

To format your own bibliograhy/references entries and not use BibTeX do the following. You'll need to do your own citations in the text of your thesis. To make the bibliography/references entries do, for example,

        % Make a "BIBLIOGRAPHY" chapter heading

        % Single space the bibliography entries.
        % Put a single blank line between bibliography entries.
        % Make the first line of an entry flush left and indent the remaining lines 20pt.
        {\Baselinestretch{1}\parskip=\baselineskip\leftskip 20pt\parindent -20pt

            % The following example bibliography entries are from page 1-13 of
            % ".\ " puts a single space after the period---the period and what follows
            % it may be on different lines.
            % ".~" puts a single space after the period---the period and what follows
            % it will be on the same line.
            % "--" (two hyphens) is an en-dash.  Use it between page numbers that
            % specify a range of pages.
            \mbox{}\kern -20pt
            Bordoli, J.M.,
            and A.P. Mallarino.
            Deep and shallow banding of phosphorous
            and potassium as alternatives to broadcast fertilization for no-till corn.
            Agron.\ J.~90:27--33.
            Lemmon, H.
            Comax: An expert system for cotton crop management.
            Science 233:29--32.
            Lyle, W.M.,
            and J.P. Bordovsky.
            LEPA corn irrigation with limited water supplies.
            Trans.\ ASAE 38:455--462.

Revised: April 23, 2013
Created: April 23, 2013