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Anastasios (Tasos) S. Lyrintzis, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor and Faculty Scholar

Associate Head for Graduate Education


Contact Information

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Current Graduate Students

Kurt Aikens, Matt Kube-McDowell,  Randy Lillard, Matt Louis, Chandra Martha, Alan Ng, Brandon Olliveri, Thomas Shurtz, Deepak Thirumurthy.

Current Funded Projects 

    Aircraft Jet and Fan Noise for Supersonic Jet Engines
    Rocket Plume Analysis for a Launch Abort System
    Realistic Simulation of Jet Engine Noise Using Petaflop Computing

   Supersonic Jet Noise Predictions Using LES

Watch Animations:    Vorticity (near-field) Dilatation (far-field)    T_ij  with observer at 30^o (60 radii)    T_ij    with observer at 90^o  (60 radii)   

Download my recent papers and theses
(A complete list of all my papers can be found in my resume under publications)


Anastasios S. Lyrintzis

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