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Contact Information

         Email: janes@ecn.purdue.edu

Tel.: (765) 494-9263     Fax: (765) 494-2706

Address: 1285 Electrical Engineering Building, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1285



            Degree                         Date                      School

            B.A. (Physics)                May 1980             Augustana College

            B.S. (Elect. Eng)            Jan. 1980               University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

            M.S. (Elect. Eng)            Aug. 1981             University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

            Ph.D.(Elect. Eng)            May 1989              University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



“The Impact of Electron Traps on the Transfer Performance of Acoustic Charge Transport Devices.”


Honorary Society Memberships:


Eta Kappa Nu

Omicron Delta Kappa

Sigma Pi Sigma




RCA Fellowship (1980)


Professional Experience:


June 1981 - Aug. 1985        Research Scientist, Raytheon Company, Lexington, Massachusetts.

Nov. 1985 – May 1989        Engineer, Electronic Decisions, Inc., Urbana, Illinois.

July  1989 - Aug. 1996        Assistant Professor,  School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University


Aug. 1996 – April 2000        Principal Research Engineer, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University


April 2000 – present           Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer

Engineering, Purdue University.


Consulting Activities:


[1]          Endress & Hauser, Inc., microwave device and circuit analysis.


Research Grants and Contracts Received


[1]     1991 Summer Faculty Grant - Purdue Research Foundation, $5,000, 6/1/91-7/30/91 (PI).

[2]     1991 Research Grant - Purdue Research Foundation, “Experimental Study of Coulomb Blockade Devices” $19,800, 12/30/91 - 12/29/93, Acct. No. 690-1285-1861 (PI).

[3]   National Science Foundation, Research Initiation Award,“Experimental Study of Coulomb Blockade Devices” $70,000 (including Hall Effect characterization system), 8/1/91-1/31/94, Acct. No. 500-1285-2235 (PI).

[4]     IBM Faculty Development Award,“Coulomb Blockade Devices,” $60,000, 8/1/91-5/31/93, Acct. No. 671-1285-1651 (PI).

[5]     Indiana Business Moderization & Technology-Optoelectronics Center Grant, $15,000, 7/1/92 - 6/30/93, Acct. No. 650-1285-2190, PI for Center: R.J. Schwartz.

[6]   National Livestock & Meat Board, “Investigation of Electromagnetic Methods for Early Postmortem Detection of Structural Changes, PSE, in Porcine Muscle,” $1,000, (Faculty Assoc.) 2/1/93 - 1/31/94, Acct. No. 670-1285-2615, (PI: J.C. Forrest) Total Award: $30,000.

[7]     Army Research Office, University Research Initiative,“Electronic Conduction in Nanoscale Cluster Arrays,” Acct. No. 530-1285-1249, 7/1/94 - 5/31/97 (co-PI, Total Award (6/94-5/96): $1,884,000, (S. Datta, R. P. Andres, R. Reifenberger, C. P. Kubiak, N. Giordano, D. B. Janes (PI)).

[8]     Army Research Office (DARPA), “Nanoelectronic Functional Devices: Architecture and Fabrication,” V. P. Roychowdhury, D. B. Janes, S. Datta, J. M. Woodall, R. P. Andres, R. Reifenberger, C. P. Kubiak, S. Bandyopadhyay and A. E. Miller, (PI)  9/15/96-2/15/00, $2,595,527 (co-PI and director of experimental program). .

[9]   DARPA, “Multi-Level Silicon on Insulator Technology for Ultra-Dense Integrated Circuits,” G. W. Neudeck, D. B. Janes and M. S. Lundstrom,  (PI) 7/1/97-6/30/00, $2,006,000.

[10]   “Electronically Linked Cluster Networks,” National Science Foundation, S. Datta, R. P. Andres, D. B. Janes, C. P. Kubiak and R. Reifenberger, (PI) 8/1/97-7/31/00, $1,207,811.

[11]   “Integration of Spin-Polarized Quantum Dots with Bacteriorhodopsin-Based Optical Devices,” MURI program, Army Research Office, S. Datta, D. B. Janes, R. Reifenberger, P. Bhattacharya, D. Steel, R. Birge and A. Nurmikko (PI), 4/30/99-4/29/04, $ 5,857,738.

[12]   “Directed Self-Assembly of Interconnect Networks for Semiconductor Devices,” Semiconductor Research Corporation, Cross-Disciplinary Research Program (CSR), D. B. Janes and S. Datta, (PI)  6/1/99-5/31/00, $ 35,000.

[13]   “Center for Nanoscale Electronic/Biological Devices” Indiana 21st Century Fund, S. Datta et al. (Thrust Leader)  8/1/00-7/31/02, $1,480,093.

[14]      D. B. Janes, X. Xu, S. Datta and R. Reifenberger, “Investigation of Electronic Transport in Carbon Nanotubes Using an Ultrafast Photoconduction Technique,” National Science Foundation / NER Program, ($ 100,000, 1 year). 

[15]      D. B. Janes, C. Kubiak, R. Reifenberger and S. Datta, “Nanoscale Science and Technology for the Development of Environmental Sensors,” Dept. of Energy, initiative on Nanoscale Science Engineering and Technology, 9/1/01 - 10/31/04 ($1, 560, 000).

[16]      J. A. Fortes, J. Harris, J. Principe, R. Bashir, S. Datta, D. B. Janes, M Lundstrom, R. Reifenberger, National Science Foundation, Information Technology Program,  9/1/01-8/31/04, (Purdue Portion: $858,132) (D. B. Janes: director of Purdue program).



Equipment Grants Received


[1]     1990 AT&T Foundation, Special Purpose Grant, “Purchase of a Microwave Spectrum Analyzer” $28,000 (PI with K. J. Webb).

[2]     1990 Hewlett Packard School Stock Program, Microwave Network Analyzer, Test Set and Reflection/Transmission Test Set, value: $21,925. (PI)

[3]     1991 Hewlett Packard,   Microwave Design System Software, value: $30,000 (PI with K. J. Webb).

[4]     1991 Hewlett Packard School Stock Program, Scalar Network Analyzer and Accessories, value: $8,500. (PI)

[5]     1991 Hewlett-Packard School Stock Program, RF Plug-In (26.5 - 40 GHz), value: $15,360. (PI)

[6]     1992 General Motors Research Laboratories, Cambridge EBMF-II Electron Beam Lithography System, value: $150,000 (PI joint with M. Young).

[7]     1993 Hewlett Packard Company Gift Program, “Improvements to a New Microwave Laboratory,” Noise Figure Meter, Noise Figure Test Set, Synthesized Microwave Generator, 68,000. (R.J. Schwartz, D.B. Janes, K.J. Webb, L.L. Ogborn, B.F. Robinson, S. Fulwider, D. Bartlett). (PI)

[8]     1994 Hewlett Packard Corporate Gift Program, “Improvements to a New Microwave Laboratory,” Scalar Power System and Network Analyzer Calibration Equipment, $59,080 (R.J. Schwartz, D.B. Janes, K.J. Webb, L.L. Ogborn, B. Robinson, S. Fulwider, D. Bartlett).(PI)

[9]     1994 Tektronix, HFS9030, High Speed Pulse Generator, value: $25,496. (PI)

[10]   1995 Hewlett Packard Corporate Gift Program, “Improvements to a New Microwave Laboratory,” Lightwave Test Equipment, $84,020 (R.J. Schwartz, D.B. Janes, K.J. Webb, L.L. Ogborn, B. Robinson, S. Fulwider).(PI)

[11]   “Instrumentation for Synthesis and Characterization of Patterned Networks of Electronically Linked, Nanometer Scale Metal Clusters,” Army Research Office, 1996 DURIP Program, acquisition of scanning electron microscope for electron-beam lithography system, D. B. Janes, J. M. Woodall, M. P. Young and R. P. Andres, 3/1/97-2/28/98, $163,083. (PI)

[12]   “Instrumentation for Chemical Sensing and Computational Applications of Molecularly Linked Networks of Nanometer Scale Metallic Clusters,” R. P. Andres, R. Reifenberger and D. B. Janes, DURIP program, Army Research Office, 3/1/98-2/28/99, $146,505. (PI)


Other Equipment Grants Received


[1]*   1990 IBM, ASA Robot with Controller and Vision System, value: $50,000. (PI)

[2]*   1991 IBM, Sputtering System, RF Generator and Wafer Probe Station, value: $10,000. (PI)

[3]*   1991 IBM, Model 3279 Color Computer Terminals (Qty: 6), for School of Chem. Eng., value: $1200. (PI)

[4]*   1992 IBM, Tantalum Vacuum System,Vacuum Test Chamber, value: $22,000. (PI)

[5]*   1993 IBM, Chemistry Benches and Reactive Ion Etcher System, value: $150,000. (PI)

*Equipment acquired for use by other faculty/staff - donation arranged by D.B. Janes.


Professional Society Activities


Organization: IEEE, Electron Device Society, Microwave Theory and Techniques


Activity: Student Member - 1986 to 1989

         Member - 1989 to present


Organization: Electronic Materials Committee, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS),

Activity: Member -- 2000-2003.


Conferences: Session Chair: 8th International Conference on Superlattices, Microstructures and Microdevices Cincinnati, OH, Aug. 1995.


Session Chair: Electrochemical Society Meeting, Chicago, IL, Oct. 1995.


Session Chair:  Symposium on Control of Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces, Materials Research Society 1996 Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, Dec. 1996.


Program Committee, Session Chair: 41st Electronic Materials Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, June 30 - July 2 1999.


Program Committee, Session Chair: 42nd Electronic Materials Conference, Denver, CO, June 21-23, 2000.


Session Chair: 27th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors, Monterey, CA, 2-5 October, 2000.


Program Committee, Co-Organizer of Special Topical Session: 43rd Electronic Materials Conference, South Bend, IN, June 2001.


Organizer of Special Topical Session:  Great Lakes VLSI Symposium, W. Lafayette, IN, March 2001.



Ph.D. Thesis Supervision Completed


G. L. Chen, “Studies of Coherent Transport Through Quantum-Dot Arrays and Weak Antilocalization in InAs Heterostructures,” May 1994, (Joint with S. Datta).


K. C. Huang, “Modeling of Resonant Tunneling Diodes,” Dec. 1995, (Joint with K. J. Webb).


V. R. Kolagunta, “Study of Conduction in Vertical and Lateral Nanostructures,” May 1997.


            E. B. Cohen, “Real Space Transfer Devices,” Aug. 1998, (joint with K. J. Webb)


Haw-Jye Ueng, “Characterization of Nonalloyed Ohmic Contacts” Aug. 2000 (joint with K. J. Webb)


N.-P. Chen, “Modeling of Electronic States in Low-Temperature-Grown Gallium Arsenide and Conduction Properties of Tunneling Based Contact, Aug. 2001  (Physics, administratively supervised by R. Reifenberger)



M.S. Thesis Supervision Completed


T. S. Laverghetta, “Swept Frequency Measurements of Relative Dielectric Constant in Microwave Laminates,” 1991.


            M. S. Carroll,        “Resonant Tunneling Diode Fabrication and DC Characterization,” May, 1992, (Joint with K. J. Webb).


G. E. Starnes, “Resonant Tunneling Diode Impedance Characterization for Oscillator Applications,” August, 1992, (Joint with K. J. Webb).


V. R. Kolaganta, “Nanofabrication Techniques - Development and Application," Dec. 1993.


R. Jazayeri, “Single Electronics and the Modeling of Coulomb Blockade Devices," May 1995.


            B. Walsh, “Kelvin Force Microscopy of Carbon Nanotubes,” May 2000.


Nishant Nerurkar, “Electron Beam Lithography Using a Scanning Electron Microscope” Aug. 2000


            E. Subramaniam, “Three-Dimensional Circuits”  Dec. 2000   



M.S. and Ph.D. Thesis Students Currently Being Supervised


            S. Lodha                         M. S.

            Chen Li                           Ph. D.

            Srinivasan Kadathur         M. S.

            Jaewon Choi                   Ph. D.


Undergraduate Student Projects Supervised


[1]   Steven Lerman -- Design of a Microwave Amplifier (1991)

[2]   Albert Loper -- Microstrip Patch Antenna (1991)

[3]   Robert Lyle -- Microwave Wafer Probe (Summer 1992)

[4]   Chris Bahns -- Automation of Hall Effect Measurement (Spring 1993)

[5]  Suresh Sethuraman -- Resonant Tunneling Diode Equivalent Circuit Extraction from Microwave Measurements (Fall 1993)

[6]   Steve Lin -- Noise Figure Characterization (Fall 1994)

[7]  Susan Kim (Stanford (Chem. Eng.) -- Patterning of Nanoscale Metal Cluster Networks using Contact Printing (Summer 1996 -- NSF MRSEC summer intern)

[8]  Sharon West (Stanford, EE) -- Device Applications of Low-Temperature Grown GaAs Surface Layers (Summer 1996 -- NSF MRSEC summer intern) 

[9]  Christopher Wilcox -- Organic Monolayers on Low-Temperature Grown GaAs Surface Layers (Summer - Fall 1997 -- NSF MRSEC intern)

[10]  Ravi Bhat -- Modeling of Multilevel SOI Devices and Circuits (Fall 1997)

[11]  Rejon Sarrazine -- Modeling of Multilevel SOI Devices and Circuits (Fall 1997)

[12]  Saket Rattan -- SOI Device/Circuit Simulation (Spring, Summer 1998)

[13] Elizabeth Peckham (Michigan, Chem. Eng.) -- GaAs Device Patterning by Nanoimprint Lithography (Summer 1998 --  NSF MRSEC summer intern)

[14]  Sinn Wee Lau -- Multilayer silicon SRAM circuit design and layout (Spring 1999)

[15] Eswaran Subramaniam -- Performance Analysis of Multilayer SOI Circuits (Summer 1999).

[16]  Johan Laban -- Design of Contact Structures for Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes (Spring 2000).

[17] Kuet-Liong Fam -- Modeling of Current-Voltage Relationships for Schottky Tunneling Contacts (Summer 2000).

[18] Dennis Sidharta – Scanning Probe Microscopy of Molecular Heterostructures (Summer 2001 -- 21st Century REU)

[19] Franz Kuhlmann (UTEP, EE) –  Electrical Characterization of Metal/Molecule Chemical Sensors (Summer 2001 -- 21st Century REU)



Courses Developed


         EE 452         Microwave Measurements and Applications (with K. J. Webb)

                •Development of 11 formal experiments and variable-topic project

                •Co-authored laboratory manual

•Acquisition of equipment through donations and departmental funds total > $400,000. (Equipment grants [1-2, 4-6, 12-15]). .


•Development period: 1/90 - 12/95.


         EE  695S •High-Frequency Device Characterization (with K. J. Webb)

                •3 hr Graduate course - lecture and laboratory format

•Development of advanced microwave experiments for characterization of active and passive devices


•Offerings: Spring 1993, Spring 1995.


         EE 311         •Electric and Magnetic Fields

                •Instituted major course revisions/modernization (8/92 - 12/93)

•Topic focus shifted to dynamic field problems and electromagnetic wave phenomena

•Incorporation of computer software for visualization/demonstration (in-class and outside student exercises).

                •Dialog with physics faculty regarding content of Phys. 261/EE 311.



Courses "In Charge of" (1989-1996)


         EE 307         Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Laboratory (‘91-’95)

         EE 311         Electric and Magnetic Fields ('90-'95)

         EE 452         Microwave Measurement and Applications (with K. J. Webb)

         EE 558         Integrated Circuit Layout and Design ('91-'95)

         EE 617         Antenna Theory (‘89-’95)

         EE695S        High-Frequency Device Characterization (with K. J. Webb)

         EE441          Distributed Parameter Systems (2000-)

         EE557          Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory (2000-)



School Committee Activities


         1990-93             Curriculum Committee

         1991-93             Course-Instructor Evaluation Subcommittee (Chairman '92-'93)

         1991-93             Chairman, Solid-State Devices and Materials Area

                                  •Prepared and presented area review to Graduate Committee

         1989-96             Member, Solid-State Devices and Materials Area Committee

         1989-96             Member, Fields and Optics Area Committee

  2001-   Qualifying Exam Committee




Engineering-Wide Committee Activities


1991-92            Academic Personnel Grievance Committee.



University-Wide Committee Activities


2000-2002            ULTEC Building Planning Committee (Birck Nanotechnology Center).