A Software Toolkit for Visualizing Enterprise Routing Design



Virtual MAN is a tool which provides useful information and dynamically determines the configuration changes network operators need to make when managing Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) in enterprise networks. This directory contains a variety of scripts which, given network configuration data, perform various tasks such as determining a VLAN spread, determining which interfaces need to be configured to extend a VLAN to certain swtiches/routers, or determining the optimal root bridge for a VLAN.

If you want to cite this tool, please cite the following paper instead:
Sunil Krothapalli, Xin Sun, Yu-Wei Sung, Suan Aik Yeo and Sanjay Rao."A Toolkit for Automating and Visualizing VLAN Configuration", ACM CCS Workshop on Assurable and Usable Security Configuration (SafeConfig), Chicago, IL, November 2009.

This work was supported by NSF grants Career-0953622, and Cisco.

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