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Our Goal:

We are designing and implementing systems targeted at the wide-area Internet placing a central emphasis on working prototypes, empirical methods, and data-driven analysis. Our current research focuses on Cloud Computing, and Enterprise Network Configuration Management. In the past, we have conducted research in the areas of Peer to Peer Systems, and Internet video Content Distribution architectures. Our research has benefited by support from NSF, Cisco, AT&T, and Microsoft. Many of the challenges we address are motivated by real-world experience, require insights into operations of distributed systems at Internet scales, are great fun, and can change the world!

Lab News:

Mar 2014: Mohammad Hajjat has successfully defended his PhD and would be joining Microsoft Azure. Congratulations Mohammad !

Feb 2014: Our paper, Performance sensitive replication in geo-distributed cloud datastores has been accepted to appear at DSN 2014. An earlier Tech-report of this work can be found here.

Jan 2014: Our paper, Cloud is not a silver bullet: A Case Study of Cloud-based Mobile Browsing was accepted at ACM HotMobile, 2014. [PDF]

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