Graduate Students.

Jacob Harris, MS student, June 2001-August 2003. MS Thesis: A Hierarchical Document Description and Comparison Method.

Yan Huang, PhD student, August 2000-December 2004; post-doctoral researcher, January 2005-August 2005. PhD Thesis: Nonlinear Multiscale Methods for Estimation, Approximation, and Representation of Signals and Images.

Xiaogang Dong, PhD student, June 2002-May 2007. PhD Thesis: Document Page Classification and Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering for Image Segmentation and Noise Removal.

Wiley Wang, PhD student, August 2003-December 2007. PhD Thesis: Inference with New Hierarchical Stochastic Grammar Models.

Kai-Lung Hua, PhD student, November 2004-August 2010. PhD Thesis: New Algorithms for Video Compression, Image Classification, and Image Enhancement.

Jianing Wei, PhD student (co-supervised with Charlie Bouman and Jan Allebach), August 2005-May 2010. PhD Thesis: Fast Space-Varying Convolution in Stray Light Reduction, Fast Matrix Vector Multiplication Using the Sparse Matrix Transform, and Activation Detection in FMRI Data Analysis.

Landis Huffman, PhD student, August 2006-December 2010. PhD Thesis: Automated Methods of Visual Interpretation: Articulated Human Tracking in Video and Segmentation of Microscopy Images.

Tak-Shing Wong, PhD student (co-supervised with Charlie Bouman), August 2004-May 2011.

Deepan Palguna, PhD student (co-supervised with David Love).

Jungha Woo, PhD student.

Zhang Li, PhD student (co-supervised with Borja Peleato).