“Human factors [and ergonomics] is the study of how humans behave physically and psychologically in relation to particular environments, products, or services” (

Have you ever wondered why the iPod touch is so easy to use? Usability - a fundamental principle behind good human factors - is one of the key reasons. The iPod touch utilizes a multi-touch interface, which allows the user to manipulate objects on screen with multiple fingers at the same time. The result is an intuitive and easy to use interface... not to mention a sleek design. No wonder Apple’s iPod line is so successful!

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HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) is a professional organization whose mission is “to promote the discovery and exchange of knowledge concerning the characteristics of human beings that are applicable to the design of systems and devices of all kinds.”

Founded in 1993, the Purdue Chapter promotes HFES’ mission by inviting students and faculty to present their research related to human factors. The Chapter also sponsors events that promote the awareness of human factors. As human factors is inherently multi-disciplinary, students and faculty from all majors are invited to join our chapter.