Data Set Information

Each data set usually represents the data for one experiment and instrument. In some cases the data for an experiment includes a separate file for each date.

Data File Downloading Instructions

The data files are in ascii format. You can view the data file directly with a World Wide Web viewer; however some of the files are quite large. Data files can be downloaded, when available, when you are on the Experiment Summary page for a given year. The 'hot link' to download is entitled 'Download Data File' which is at the end of the summary information for the experiment. Use the options provided by your World Wide Web viewer to load the data file to disk. It is best to download the files in "text" format not "source" format.

Data File Format Description and Documentation Tables

The file is in ascii format in lines of 80 characters for convenient transfer between microcomputers and easy review on computer display screens; this was more important during the mid '80's than it is now but the files have not changed since then. The format of the ascii file is described by the following.

Other Documentation Tables

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