Purdue Residential Onsite Wastewater Disposal:  Septic system information to protect your family and the environment


Purdue Extension Publications

The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service has published several booklets on proper construction, use and maintenance of the home septic field. These publications are available from the Farm Building Plan Service and are also available in html or pdf format:

Purdue On-Site Quarterly Newsletter

On-Site is a newsletter from Purdue's on-site wastewater disposal project. On-Site is working with county and state health departments to investigate the status of septic systems in Indiana. The newsletter contains general educational information relating to on-site wastewater systems as well as project updates.

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HTML Version

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Purdue Articles

(These are both reviewed papers and unreviewed project reports)

Pipeline Articles

by Small Flows Clearinghouse (Adapted for use in Indiana by Purdue. A good place to start for general information wherever you are.)