Purdue Residential Onsite Wastewater Disposal:  Septic system information to protect your family and the environment

What is onsite wastewater disposal?

Wastewater from homes not connected to a public sewer system is generally treated "on site." Most people know these onsite wastewater treatment systems as septic systems. This site provides information on septic systems, their impacts, and how to design and care for systems that protect the environment. 
Waistwater Image Map
How a Septic System WorksHow a Septic System Works
Soil and Site CharacteristicsSoil and Site Characteristics
Maintaining a Septic SystemMaintaining a Septic System
System AlternativesSystem Alternatives
Designing a SystemDesigning a System
Protecting Your WaterProtecting Your Water
Permits  and RegulationsPermits and Regulations
Small CommunitiesSmall Communities
Other ResourcesOther Resources

What you need to know about onsite systems if ..
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