An Evaluation of On-Site Technology in Indiana:
A Report to the Indiana State Department of Health
Catherine Taylor, Joseph Yahner, and Don Jones
Agronomy and Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, 1997


Table of Contents

An Evaluation of On-Site Technology in Indiana


On-Site Systems in Indiana

Public Health Issues

Potential Contaminants of Our Water Resources

Nitrogen Contamination

Effects of Pretreatment on Absorption Field Sizing

Constructed Wetlands

Sand Filters

Aerobic Package Treatment

Recommendations and Conclusions for Indiana

On-Site Systems Serving Individual Residences in Small Communities


Education, Inspection, and Certification

Institutional Changes


Appendix A: Revised Project Report

Project 1


Project 2


Additional achievements

Appendix B: Procedures for Evaluation of Innovative Technologies


Specific Information

Appendix C: County Survey Results

Appendix D: Selected Comments From the County Questionnaires

Appendix E: Load Rate Tables

Appendix F: Standardized On-Site Wastewater Disposal Permit Application