Fred Mannering
Charles Pankow Professor of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

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Fred Mannering is the Charles Pankow Professor of Civil Engineering and he also holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Economics at Purdue. His research interests are in the application of econometric and statistical methods to a variety of engineering problems, highway safety, transportation economics, automobile demand, and travel behavior. He has published extensively in these fields with over 100 journal articles and has coauthored two books: Principles of highway engineering and traffic analysis (now in its fifth edition) and Statistical and econometric methods for transportation data analysis (now in its second edition). He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Elsevier Science journal Analytic Methods in Accident Research and previous Editor-in-Chief (2003-2012) and current Associate Editor for Transportation Research Part B - Methodological, also an Elsevier Science journal.

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| Scopus | Published work has been cited 4,229 times from an author search in Scopus with an h-index = 35 (, with an additional 707 from books (4,936 total).
| ISI Web of Knowledge | Published work has been cited 3,612 times in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science (Institute for Scientific Information Web of Knowledge, see with an All Databases search (average of 34.08 citations per paper) with an h-index = 32. Work has been cited an additional 1,100 times with a Web of Science Core Collection Cited Reference Search (4,712 total). Web of Science Essential Science Indicators: 6 papers recognized with citations that place them in the top 1% of all papers published in their academic field.

Some Recent Publications Available from ScienceDirect (see resume for complete listing):

Xiong, Y., Tobias, J. Mannering, F., 2014. The analysis of vehicle crash injury-severity data: A Markov switching approach with road-segment heterogeneity. Transportation Research Part B 67, 109-128. [PDF]

Mannering, F., Bhat, C., 2014. Analytic methods in accident research: Methodological frontier and future directions. Analytic Methods in Accident Research 1, 1-22. [PDF]

Winston, C., Mannering, F., 2014. Implementing technology to improve public highway performance: A leapfrog technology from the private sector is going to be necessary. Economics of Transportation 3, 158-165. [PDF]

Xiong, Y., Mannering, F., 2013. The heterogeneous effects of guardian supervision on adolescent driver-injury severities: A finite-mixture random-parameters approach. Transportation Research Part B 49, 39-54. [PDF]

Wu, Z., Sharma, A., Mannering, F., Wang, S., 2013. Safety impacts of signal-warning flashers and speed control at high-speed signalized intersections. Accident Analysis and Prevention 54, 90-98. [PDF]

Anastasopoulos, P., Mannering, F., Shankar, V., Haddock, J., 2012. A study of factors affecting highway accident rates using the random-parameters tobit model. Accident Analysis and Prevention 45(1), 628-633. [PDF]

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Anastasopoulos, P., Mannering, F., 2011. An empirical assessment of fixed and random parameter logit models using crash- and non-crash-specific injury data. Accident Analysis and Prevention 43(3), 1140-1147. [PDF]

Lord, D., Mannering, F., 2010. The statistical analysis of crash-frequency data: A review and assessment of methodological alternatives. Transportation Research Part A 44(5), 291-305. [PDF]

Malyshkina, N., Mannering, F., 2010. Empirical assessment of the impact of highway design exceptions on the frequency and severity of vehicle accidents. Accident Analysis and Prevention 42(1), 131-139. [PDF]

Malyshkina, N., Mannering, F., 2010. Zero-state Markov switching count-data models: An empirical assessment. Accident Analysis and Prevention 42(1), 122-130. [PDF]

Malyshkina, N., Mannering, F., 2009. Markov switching multinomial logit model: An application to accident-injury severities. Accident Analysis and Prevention 41(4), 829-838. [PDF]

Malyshkina, N., Mannering, F., Tarko, A., 2009. Markov switching negative binomial models: An application to vehicle accident frequencies. Accident Analysis and Prevention 41(2), 217-226. [PDF]

Anastasopoulos, P., Mannering, F., 2009. A note on modeling vehicle-accident frequencies with random-parameters count models. Accident Analysis and Prevention 41(1), 153-159. [PDF]

Some Classic Publications from Years Past (see resume for complete listing).

Mannering, F., 1983. Dynamic econometric models of household vehicle ownership and utilization, doctoral dissertation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.
Dissertation committee: Clifford Winston (supervisor), Daniel McFadden (2000 Nobel Laureate in Economics), and Ann Friedlaender.[PDF]

Mannering, F., 1983. Econometric analysis of vehicle use in multivehicle households. Transportation Research Part A 17(3), 183-189.[PDF]

Mannering, F., Winston, C., 1985. Dynamic empirical analysis of household vehicle ownership and utilization. Rand Journal of Economics 16(2), 215-236.[PDF]

Mannering, F., 1994. Assessing the impacts of audio home-copying restrictions. Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics 33(1), 30-46.[PDF]

Mannering, F., Winston C., 1995. Automobile air bags in the 1990's: Market failure or market efficiency? Journal of Law and Economics 38(2), October, 265-279.[PDF]

Mannering, F., Winston, C., Starkey, W., 2002. An exploratory analysis of automobile leasing by US households, Journal of Urban Economics 52(1), 154-176.[PDF]

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