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Eligibility & Requirements

Any high-need student with a high school grade-point average of 3.3 or above and an SAT (V+M+W) minimum score of 1600 is eligible for the FEELS program. During the application process, priority is given to students from underrepresented backgrounds, students who are first-generation in their families to pursue a college degree, and students willing to make an impact in their communities after they graduate.

Download a FEELS Fellowship application from here.

Students of Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette

The Ivy Tech Associate of Science (AS) degree program in agriculture includes 15 credits of agriculture courses and 46 credits of general education courses transferable to Purdue University to help complete a bachelor’s degree in the College of Agriculture in West Lafayette.

Students enrolled in this program with a minimum grade point of 3.5 may join FEELS activities at Purdue, as Pre-FEELS fellows. Pre-FEELS fellows who complete 45 credits at Ivy Tech Lafayette may transfer to Purdue, join FEELS and receive FEELS scholarship.

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