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Project Summary
FEELS’ mission is to recruit, retain, and prepare high-achieving students with financial difficulties to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers at Purdue University. Our program provides three key elements to equip its students to reach their professional goals:

Scholarship: FEELS offers a scholarship of up to $10,000 per student each year (renewable throughout his/her undergraduate career). This amount is in addition to the federal-/Purdue-controlled financial aid that may be granted to students.

Mentorship: Academic, research and industrial mentors will not only support students but also help them better understand their career options.

Activities: Aim to enhance students' professional development, cultural support structure, and a sense of community among fellows. The activities connect existing programs that have proven successful in recruiting and retaining students with additional activities planned purposely for FEELS.

  1. Increase diversity within Purdue’s College of Agriculture;
  2. Improve graduation and retention rates while enhancing student achievement;
  3. Prepare students to become industry and academic leaders in the STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math - professions in the industrial, academic and public sectors;
  4. Increase awareness of STEM opportunities in high need communities while enhancing our engagement with, and connection to, such regions;
  5. Increase students’ responsibility and involvement in communities’ STEM-related problems and awareness; and
  6. Increase the number of students going to graduate school or placed in high-impact jobs in industry or the public sector.
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FEELS is an NSF-STEM funded project of Purdue Agriculture.
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